Homework Policy

To clarify all aspects of Education among partners in Education

  1. To reinforce what is taught in school
  2. To practise the skills taught in school
  3. An introduction to self-discipline and responsibility
  4. Direct co-operation between school and home
  5. To foster a love of learning
  6. To introduce children to time management
  7. To have a coherent and co-ordinated policy among the staff
    Duration of Homework
    Homework is given every night except Friday night
    How long should children spend on homework?
    Junior and Senior Infants – 15 minutes
    1 st and 2 nd Class – 30 minutes
    3 rd Class – 35 minutes
    4 th Class – 40 minutes
    5 th Class – 50 minutes
    6 th Class – 60 minutes