Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

This is the enrolment policy of St Jarlath’s N.S., Garbally, Menlough, Ballinasloe, Co Galway

Roll No 17863E

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This policy was formulated by the staff of St Jarlath’s N.S. and ratified by the Board of Management


This is a revised policy; our aim is to devise a clear set of guidelines for the enrolment of children in our school

Relationship to characteristic spirit of the whole school

Whilst this is a Catholic school, with a Catholic ethos, we welcome children of all denominations when there are place available

Attendance at school is compulsory from 6 years of age

A child may not be enrolled in St Jarlath’s N.S. before the fourth anniversary of their birth; enrolment will be on the first day of the school year for new pupils

Parents seeking to enrol their child/children in St Jarlath’s N.S. are requested to return a completed enrolment application form (attached)

Our school depends on the grants and the teacher resources provided by the Department of Education and Skills and it operates within the regulations laid down by the Department. School policy is dictated by the resources and funding available, our school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education and Skills

Equality of access is the key value that determines the enrolment of children to our school, no child is refused admission for reasons of ethnicity, special education needs, disability, language/accent, gender, traveller status, asylum-seeker/refugee status, religious/political beliefs and values, family or social circumstance

Whilst recognising the rights of parents to enrol their child in the school of their choice, the B.O.M. of St Jarlath’s N.S. is also responsible for respecting the rights of the existing school community and in particular, the children already enrolled. This requires balanced judgements, which are guided by the principals of natural justice and acting in the best interest of all children. Assisting the school in such circumstances, the B.O.M. reserves the right to determine the maximum number of children in each separate classroom, bearing in mind:

  • Size of/available space in classroom
  • Educational needs of children
  • Multi grade classes
  • Presence of children with special educational/behavioural needs
  • D.E.S. maximum class average directives

In the event that applications for enrolment exceed the number of places available (due to the B.O.M. being unable to provide suitable accommodation or recruit the required teaching staff) the following decision making process will apply:

  • Brother and sisters, step siblings of children already enrolled
  • Ages of children
  • Children living within the Parish
  • Children of staff
  • First come, first served
  • Lottery

Other pupils are enrolled during the year if newly resident in the area (subject to our policy)

Enrolment of Children with Special Needs

The B.O.M. will request a copy of the child’s medical report and/or a psychological report, if a report is not available, the school will request that the child be assessed immediately, the assessment is required to determine the education needs of the child

On receipt of the assessment report, the B.O.M. will decide how the school can meet the needs detailed in the report. The S.E.N.O. will be contacted so that the resources required will be put in place. These resources may include resource hours, S.N.A., specialised equipment etc. The teachers and the Principal will meet with the parents and the S.E.N.O. periodically to discuss the progress of the child and the schools suitability to meet the needs of the child. When necessary, a full case conference involving the parents, principal, class teacher, S.E.N.O. and all others, e.g. psychologist will be held

Transfer of pupils

Pupils may transfer to the school at any time, subject to our school enrolment policy and agreements with local schools to the approval of the D.E.S. It is a requirement of the B.O.M. that information concerning attendance and the child’s educational progress be passed on to the school the child is transferring to. The parent’s permission will be sought in this connection.

Children enrolled in our school are required to co-operate with and support the School/B.O.M. Code of Behaviour, as well as all other policies on curriculum, organisation and management. The B.O.M. places Parents/Guardians responsible for ensuring that their child/children co-operate with said policies in an age-appropriate way

Roles and Responsibility

The B.O.M., the Principal and the teachers will be responsible for the implementation of this policy

Success Criteria

This policy will be subject to review by the B.O.M. every 3 years and as rules of enrolment and circumstances warrant.